Starting June 1, 2019 this page will contain handouts for sessions at the 2019 National Nurse Practitioner Symposium. If there are missing handouts for certain sessions, it is either because the speaker has not yet finalized their handouts, or we do not have permission from the speaker to distribute the handouts.

After June 1, 2019 feel free to check back frequently for additional handouts that have been posted to this page.

Format: “1 up” files are designed for better viewing on mobile devices. “6 up” files consolidate viewing and printing. “6 up b&w” file is best for printing if color is not a necessity.

File Size: Some files are larger than others and may take a few seconds longer to load and display. “6 up” files will load quicker than “1 up” files.

Printing Charges: You may print out any handouts listed in the Green Room. It is recommended you print in advance. Once onsite, the designated Print Station will allow you to print out two handouts free of charge. Thereafter, a $2 charge per handout will be imposed.

Retreat and Workshops: Hardcopy handouts will be provided (complimentary) onsite to registrants of the Rocky Mountain Retreat and all registrants of workshops.